What is MaterialenNL?

The Netherlands has a great diversity of public-private partnerships and platforms that address a variety of the materials research. Therefore, the MaterialenNL platform was initiated in 2019 by the top sectors Holland High Tech, Energy and ChemistryNL to promote coordination and collaboration in the materials research field.

The main scope of the MaterialenNL platform is stated the Nationale Agenda Materialen – Advancing Materials Technologies.

MaterialenNL is formed by a core team, consisting of respresentatives from different core platforms and organisations. Additionally, a sounding board is present with people from knowledge institutes and end-users.

Stimulating knowledge exchange between the various materials platforms in the Netherlands and actively promoting cooperation across the entire knowledge chain (universities/institutes, TO2, RKI (national knowledge institutions), universities of applied sciences, companies).

Organization of the materials field: identify existing or emerging material fields for which there is not yet a connecting/organizing body and advise on transferring these fields to existing platforms or setting up a new platform.

Identifying gaps and opportunities for mutual cooperation, actively stimulating initiatives and advising the government.

One point of contact for the sector-transcending public-private materials field in the Netherlands.